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Recovery International Method » Recovery International Terms and Definitions

Recovery International Terms and Definitions

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Before taking part in Recovery International self-help groups, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the terms and definitions used as part of Recovery Internaitonal practice. These terms and definitions enable those taking part in Recovery International to have a common way of expression when taking part in meetings.

If you are attending a telephone or community meeting, you will need to download and print the Sampling of Tools and Terms.

"Sabotage" Discussed at a Recovery International Meeting

Recovery International Terms and Defintions

Angry Temper – Negative judgments (resentment, impatience, indignation, disgust, hatred) directed against another person or situation.

Fearful Temper – Negative judgments (discouragement, preoccupation, embarrassment, worry, hopelessness, despair, sense of shame, feelings of inadequacy) directed against oneself.

Averageness – Most of the things we experience, including nervous symptoms, are average—most people have experienced them. Only our tendency to work them up makes them seem exceptional to us.

Self-Endorsement – Self-praise for any effort to practice the Recovery International Method. We recognize the value of every effort we make regardless of the result.

Sabotage – When we ignore or choose not to practice what we have learned in Recovery International.  When we do not do what is best for our mental health.

Trivialities – The everyday events and irritations of daily life. Compared to our mental health, most events are trivial.

Inner Environment – Everything inside yourself: feelings, sensations, thoughts, impulses and muscles.

Outer Environment – Everything outside yourself: places, people, events, and the past.

Spotting – Identifying a disturbing feeling, sensation, thought or impulse, previously unseen…then applying the right Recovery International tools.

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