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Endorsement Is The Essence of Recovery

January 23, 2013 from

You and Mental Health: Peer-Led Recovery

January 8, 2013, from

Recovery training takes time and effort

4/19/2014, from Living with Anxiety

There are no quick fixes to dealing with anxiety.That may seem obvious, but in our fast-paced world people crave the easy way out. The Internet is flooded with advertisements for pills and potions, techniques and trainings, “guaranteed” to quickly abate nervous symptoms. But these problems don’t … [Read more]


The important distinction between feelings and facts

3/9/2014, from Living with Anxiety

Recently I was speaking to someone about his fear of flying. To help him to begin to spot distressing symptoms, I reminded him of Dr. Low’s sage advice regarding troubling sensations:“[Y]our feelings are not facts. They merely pretend to reveal facts. Your feelings deceive you. They tell you of danger … [Read more]

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