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The Power to Change » The Power to Change—Managing Anger and Fears

The Power to Change—Managing Anger and Fears

The Power to Change—Managing Anger and Fears is a peer-to-peer self-help program where adolescents age 12-18 and inmates in correctional facilities learn impulse control and how to manage anger and fears. Beyond its subtitle it is a life skills program. Participants learn to take control of their lives, rather than be victims of events or of other people’s behavior. The underlying premise is that while individuals have little control over the events or people around them, they can control their own thoughts and impulses. Through ongoing training and practice, they form new cognitive and behavioral habits that help them gain mastery over their angry or fearful reactions.

To learn more about The Power to Change for adolescents, contact Christine Lewis.

Power to Change

In The Power to Change® program young adults learn impulse control and everyday management of symptoms related to anxiety, depression, and anger. In this program you’ll learn to be more resilient and are empowered to control your behavior and avoid becoming victims of events or the behavior of others. The Power to Change participants develop these self-help skills in friendly, interactive, fast-paced peer-to-peer meetings and through self-direction. Young adults join a Power to Change online meeting today!

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