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2014 Leadership Training Conference

Visit the Conference Information Page for details.

Recovery International in the News

Recovery International Featured in The May 2013 Issue of More Magazine!

In an article titled Recovery From Mental Illness, Area Leader Lisa Garcia discussed how women with mental disorders can have rewarding and productive lives and overcome their symptoms. [Read more]

Area Leader Lisa Garcia named "50 Notable People in the Disability Community."Click here to read more.

Read article from American Mental Health Foundation

Our own Celinda Jungheim shares her story on how RI has helped her lead a happier life in Recovery to Practice

Recovery International UIC Report Now Available

The Recovery International Group Meeting Evaluation Final Report was conducted by Dr. Susan Pickett of the University of Ilinois at Chicago.  Read the report's Executive Summary here. and  Summary Highlights here For more information about the evaluation and the results presented in this report, please contact Dr. Pickett at

Power to Change

In The Power to Change® program young adults learn impulse control and everyday management of symptoms related to anxiety, depression, and anger. In this program you’ll learn to be more resilient and are empowered to control your behavior and avoid becoming victims of events or the behavior of others. The Power to Change participants develop these self-help skills in friendly, interactive, fast-paced peer-to-peer meetings and through self-direction. Young adults join a Power to Change online meeting today!

Pay It Forward This Year

When you donate to Recovery International, you offer thousands of individuals a simple solution to ease the suffering of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other mental health issues by ensuring a Recovery International Meeting is available to those seeking peace.

Pay It Forward by making a donation today

Make A Difference in Your Life Today

Welcome to the first step in better mental health with the Recovery International and RI Discovery self-help programs. To help get you started, we recommend taking the following steps:

1. Read about the Recovery International self-help method.
2. Learn some of the self-help tools.
3. Read the books by Abraham Low, MD.
4. Practice completing some Four-Part Examples.
5. Find a community or telephone, or online meeting.

Recovery International and RI Discovery meetings are safe places to talk about life's struggles with others who have experienced similar struggles in their life.

Featured Product

The Wisdom of Dr. Low—Words to Live By

This compilation of Abraham Low’s inspiring words is an easy reference to help with a current problem or can be used for daily affirmations. It is a must-have book for the most seasoned Recovery International participant and is ideal for people just looking for daily affirmations or encouraging words on a specific problem.